It has been a couple of weeks since my last post. A couple of things have happened in that time frame. For one I ran my first trail race since college. It was the dirty spokes 7.5 iron hill trail run. Let me just say this race experience was awesome. The trails were beautiful, and having the view of the lake made it more breath taking. I loved these trails and the people who ran were really friendly and amazing to run with. I ran a lot faster than i had planed on. I averaged around 9:40 minute miles. I even had a good kick to finish the race. I would definitely do this race again. I would like to thank Tony again for an amazing guiding during this race. So after the I decided to take a few days off. I finally ran again 6 days later on Friday. I ran a pretty easy 5 miles. The goal of this run was to hit the hills hard which I was successful at. I had around 125 m of elevation gain. Even average under a 9:45 mile. That brings us to this week. On tuesday I went out for an easy 5 mile run. I got some pretty intense Hills during this work out although not as intense as the previous run. I averaged around 10:06 pace, but I felt good. I decided to take Wednesday and Thursday off but really focus on my core work exercises during those off days. That brings us to today. Ten miles was the goal for today. Today was a struggle to say the least. I felt OK to 6 miles, I knew I wasn’t going to be really fast today but I chalked it up to being a training run. At 6 miles though I fell apart. I believe my collapse in pace was due to lack of hydration. I had the usual amount of hydration on me but I did not take into account how hot it was today. To add to this struggle most of my run was in direct sunlight, not a good idea. I ran out of tailwind at around mile 6.5 and from then on it was a real struggle. For my next run in this kind of heat I will definitely take more water and more tailwind. My last mile although it was not fast I was kept going by a couple that I met on the trail. Just having their company they’re running alongside me made me not want to quit. These guys were really friendly and they will be in a picture attached below. I am 15 days out for my half marathon in Helen and I think I’m ready but let’s hope what happened today does not happen again and Helen. From what I hear, most of the race is in shade in the trails so that is a major plus. There will even be tailwind at every aid station which I am super excited about. A quick shoe update. My hoka infinites are working incredibly. Guys I know it’s beginning to get hot but never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe and stay hydrated. If this is the picture mentioned above.¬†

First troll race and long run struggles

I know it has been a couple of days since I last posted but I had somethingbing in the works. Today I am finally able to talk about it. Thursday of last week I ordered a pair of hoka infinites. This a pretty big change for me because as you guys might I have been inlove with brooks adrenalines for a long time. As you guys might also know I have been having some shin issues. I wanted to try the infinites for 2 reasons. The first reason is the cushioning in these shoes. There is a lot more of said cushin and I wanted to see if that would help my shin problems. The second reason is that I wanted to try something different. The infinite has a 4 mm drop from heel to toe. This is a drastic change in drop from the adrenalines which had a drop of 12 mm. I had never ran in anything lower than 10 mm and wanted to try something with a lower drop. So when I finally got these shoes on Monday, I could not wait to take them out on a run. So today I went out for a 5 mile run to test the hoka infinites. This run went well. They past the test. I definitely felt the cushin that I was hoping to feel. My shins barely bothered me so I will take this as a plus. The only thing that was a little uncomfortable were my arches. They were burning some but I chalked that up to the shoes were not broken in yet. I believe this will go away after a few runs. So over all I am excited about these hoka infinites.

Now for my workouts from recent days. On Thursday I ran an easy 3 miles to prepare for my long run the next day. So on Friday I ran a fun but slow 8 miles a beautiful Dellinger park in Cartersville Georgia. There is a beautiful 2 mile trail that loops around the park. My uncle lives about three quarters of a mile from the park, so I started running there. My time was not what I would have liked it to be, 1:23. I just told myself it was a long training run and it is OK to go slow. It was really fun being on a trail and off the road. So even though my time was slower than I had wanted, I still had a lot of fun on this run. So fast forward to Saturday evening, my wife and I went to the gym for some cross training. I did the bike for 35 minutes then a pretty intense legwork out. I followed that up with a crazy intense for me, 10 minute session on the stair climber. I climbed 56 floors, and climbed up 899 steps. Needless to say, I was tired. Now that brings us to today’s 5 mile run. I averaged 10 minute miles for this work out. I felt really well for the entirety of the run and my shins did not bother me as much as they usually do. I plan on running 4 miles tomorrow then an easy 3 miles on Friday, and then Saturday is race day. I am running the dirty spokes Ironhill 7.5 mile trail race at red top Mountain. This trail is really cool and pretty flat so I’m excited to run it again. I just want to be out in nature and running through some beautiful scenic areas.
So that is all for this post guys, if you have any comments please do share. If you have any new shoes or gear that you were trying and love also leave a comment below. As always guys, never miss the chance to get outside, explore, have fun, but be safe.

Xtraining yes finally become part of my workout schedule, and today was my first trail run in a long time.

Where would I start, well let’s go back to Saturday night. My wife Miranda and I started going to the gym. Our first night seems simple enough. I would do 40 minutes on the bike and elliptical each. And she would do 30 minutes on the treadmill and elliptical.  this plan worked pretty well for us. I actually did 45 minutes on the elliptical because I feel pretty good. I did about 10 miles on the bike and 4.9 miles on the elliptical. I was proud of myself because I did not think I could go there for that amount of time on the elliptical, that machine has never been my strongest. I am really proud of Miranda, she pushed through it even when she was struggling. I did not let the struggle get her down and she kept going so again I am really proud of her.  So fast forward to yesterday, we went to the gym again. We were going to take it a little less intense on the elliptical this time. She wanted to do the treadmill but there were none Open so she decided to do the elliptical as well. This time I struggled on the elliptical, we were only going to go for 30 minutes each this time. Apparently though I was going faster than I thought or wanted to.  Reason I was struggling is because I was averaging 7.4 mph and ended up getting 4.3 miles in 35 minutes. I’m pretty happy with even though I did not go as slow as I wanted to. This time Miranda seemed not to struggle as much on the elliptical. Again let me just say I am really proud of her. She’s working really hard and she’s impressing me a lot.  After we got done off that intense elliptical we did some weight training. We focused on upper body and a little bit of abs. I was almost it’s not as strong as I thought I was going to be with makes me feel good about myself. Miranda on the other hand is way stronger than she gets yourself credit for. I think she surprised herself last night with how easy the workout was for her on certain things. Again  I leave the gym really impressed with my incredible amazing wife. Of course though I’m always impressed and proud of her.

This brings us to today, Tuesday, March 21. I ran a 6.7 mile trail run up at red top Mountain State Park with Tony Hammet. As you guys might remember he was my guide and the berry college half marathon and will be my guide in the Ironhill 7.5 mile trail race on April 1. We wanted to get a feel of how the trails were before we went and raced them. I believe for the most part the iron Hill Trail is pretty doable for me. I’m not going to be really fast during this race but I will be confident. We ran on some kind of technical stuff today and it was not too bad but I would not want to race on it. For the most part the iron Hill Trail is not very technical, I love the gravel and packed dirt areas. The part I do not like is the pine straw and leaves, the reason being is because I cannot see the trail in front of me very well. But overall I loved the experience of running on the trails and just being out in nature with a good friend. Usually I kind of do not like to stop during a run but today I did not mind it because I just chalked it up to being outside and being a training day. I love running trails I will say that. We ran about 6.7 miles and around an hour and 16 minutes. I hope to average around 1120 or so during the race. Reason our time is a little bit off today is because we stopped for a picture and stopped to read a map to figure out where we were. I learned today that reading a map is in essential part of trail running if you do not want to get lost. That is exactly why I Love having Tony with me because I would sure as heck get lost without a guide.  Now that I have ran some trails I can definitely say I love the trails more than I love running on the road. Yes the roads are flat and I know where my feet are going, about the trails add more of a challenge, which makes it more fun for me.

Guys I will add more pictures later but never miss the chance like I did today to get outside in nature explore and have fun but be safe.

 This is a picture after our first workout on Sat
These are pictures of me and Tony from our Trail run urday.

I finally saw the sun

Today was a nice easy 3 mile run. I did exactly what I planned on doing during this work out.  That plan was to go slow. My 1st mile was 10:03 my 2nd mile was 9:58 my last mile was 9:53. So yes this run was slow but I’m actually really proud of us for a couple of reasons. First reason is I had negative splits which as you guys know I’m always proud of. The second reason is each mile I got faster by exactly 5 seconds which I think is really cool. My shins and calves are bothering me still today with a little bit worse than it has been but I will get the kinks out of them soon. 

Tomorrow’s workout is hopefully 8 miles. I am going to try and go to a local park here that has a gravel trail about 2 miles long around the perimeter and run there. I am hoping that the softer to rain will make it easier on my shins. I know I should probably take it easy but that’s not very easy for me. I actually cannot stand the thought of going a couple days without doing some sort of physical activity that would improve my endurance. Someone say I love running just a bit too much sometimes. 

So guys if you love running comment below why you love running, what about this incredible exercise and sport gets you going every day? As always never missed a chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe.

By the way guys happy St. Patrick’s Day I hope you’re wearing green.

Moderately easy 5

Today was not a completely easy run but it was like I said in the title moderately easy. I was hoping to average around a 10 minute mile well I averaged 9:41 per mile for this work out. That means tomorrow and Saturday I must go really easy. My slowest mile was mile three and it was 9:50, on the flipside my  fastest mile was mile five at 9:31 pace. Another thing that made this run a little bit harder than I wanted it I decided to try and find all the rough Hills I could find. And yes I know I need he’ll work a lot. So in a way this was a great thing for my training.  I hope to get 11 miles in the next two days, I’m not sure how I want to split it up though. I’m thinking four, seven or three, eight. Matter how I split them up like I said earlier they are going to have to be easy paste.  I have been f foam Rolling the last couple of days.  I believe it is helping me because after today’s run my calves aren’t as an  as much pain as usual. I will continue to do this before and after every run.

So what injuries are you guys dealing with, if you would like you can leave your answer in the comments.

So guys like always never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun and be safe.

When you say easy, but your body says tempo run the struggle is real

Today I ran for beautiful miles just outside of Cartersville Georgia. I was planning on taking it easy since it was my first run after the race on Saturday. My legs had other ideas in store for me though. They wanted to do a temple run and well they did. I guess I felt better than I was planning on feeling because my mile splits went 9:38, 9:30, 9:28, 9:19. Another reason I am actually really proud of that is because that is negative splits which I always strive for. If I’m being honest with myself that was not as fast as I could’ve gone I know that in the back of my head. I know there is room for improvement. That is what I plan on doing, improving that is.  My average mile pace for this work out was 9:28 which is not too bad and my opinion. Tomorrow and Friday I plan on getting in 4 easy miles both days and then a long run of 8 miles on Saturday.

 So guys I know that I usually do my product reviews on Friday but this one I just could not wait until Friday to do. Today’s review of plow on energy gum came from today’s tempo work out. I tried it for the first time today and loved it. First of all I did feel a pretty good boost of energy within 15 minutes of starting to chew plow on.  The energy or caffeine is released more quickly into your system through your mouth so basically it gets into your bloodstream faster than other substances four instance energy gels. That is impressive and it’s own right but there’s a couple other things that really impressed me about plow on. One thing is the flavor, I absolutely loved the spearmint flavor. And another thing dealing with the flavor, the flavor really lasts a long time. The flavor today lasted at least 50 minutes and typically gum does not last me 20 to 30 minutes. So guys I would definitely recommend plow on gum to any athlete or non-athlete who was looking for that little pick me up to energize your day.

So guys as always never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe.

Berry college half Marathon review.

I had an amazing race and experience on Saturday at the Berry College half marathon. I thought that my shins and calves would give me trouble throughout this run, that was not the case at all. I felt amazing throughout this race and even averaged under a nine minute mile for the last 4 miles. But that isn’t the only story of this run that is worth telling. I had an amazing time during this run and it wasn’t because of the running. Don’t get me wrong I had a blast running this race. With the amazing nature and scenery around me plus having Tony Hammet  as my incredible died made this experience even more incredible. Not only did he keep me focused on what was ahead of me but we shared plenty of laughter during this run.  There will be quite a few running jokes to come from this race experience. We also laughed about the weird and humorous signs along the course. One of them read around mile five, watch out for children, how was I supposed to do that? Another one red beware of electric fence, that’s nice to know.  Tony is an incredible guide, he was spot on with his directions and keeping me safe throughout this race. I look forward to many many more runs and races with him. I see him as an amazing friend as well. Believe me even if my time had not been so awesome in my opinion, I still would’ve had a blast during this run.  The nature and scenery on this campus and course is incredible. One of my favorite parts was there was a gravel path that went around a pond and then continued to run down in front of a pastor of horses. This in my opinion was the most beautiful scenery along the course.  I would love to do this race again someday. 

Now I bet you guys are all wondering what was my time. Well I will not leave you hanging much longer. I ran this incredible race in 2:03:59. The Clock as I went under said 2:04:48, that time though it’s from when the gun went off, not when I crossed the start line. I am really excited about this time. It is two minutes ahead of what I thought my best time was going to be. My first goal on Saturday it was to run two hours and six minutes. Well I think I crushed that.  I averaged 9:19 mile pace for this half marathon. Strava actually said I ran 13.3 miles, that makes sense because I had to weave in and around people and I took a couple of wide turns on the terms of the course. That is not unusual though.  My plan for the race went pretty well I started off pretty easy and got faster. I did not have negative splits though that is the only thing that could have made this race better in terms of pacing.   There were a few decent sized Hills on this course. It was not as bad as I had thought before going into this race.  A lot of the elevation was between mile five at mile seven. Most of the running on the Viking Trail is a false flat. And of course the finish is uphill not much but still an uphill.   So all in all the course was awesome, the weather was awesome as well. When we started I thought I was going to freeze I was shivering up until the start of the race. But is soon as that gun went off I was perfectly fine. There’s just something about that adrenaline when the gun goes off that I guess kept me warm.

No my fueling strategy did not go the way I had planned it but it worked out anyway. Before the race I took in a huma gel. Be honest that seem to keep me going for at least 5 miles before I even kind of felt a loss and energy. I took in water from the incredible aid stations at about mile two at about mile four. I want to give props to the incredible volunteers at these eight stations. Not only were they very supportive of every runner, they were very helpful especially to me by handing the cup to me and putting it in my hand. This is really helpful for me especially being blind I did not have to search for the cup.  Around mile 3.5, I started sipping on my tail wind nutrition. That seemed to help a lot like always. If I am ever struggling in a race I can always count on tailwind. I kept slipping on it every about 2 miles and around mile six I took in a spring energy gel.   I used the mango flavor, I wasn’t ready for the taste but it was awesome anyway. Taking that gel seemed to fuel me for the rest of the run. I did use some more tailwind around mile nine or 10. From then on I was golden fueling lies.  If were being honest as well I felt golden the whole race fueling and body wise.

So in conclusion I want to say first of all that I absolutely loved this race. I also want to thank Tony for being an amazing coach, friend and guide.  I also want to thank run go for giving me turn by turn voice navigation throughout the whole course. Rungo also gave me my split pace at every kilometer which is pretty cool and helps me pace better.   I also want to thank  tailwind nutrition for making in my opinion the most awesome hydration mix on the market.   Ultimate replenisher deserves some credit here as well. Are used their orange flavor to recover Saturday night and they are awesome as well.  The incredible swift wick socks worked like magic again keeping my feet dry and blister free. Tony was wearing swift wick as well.  I also want to thank both huma and spring Energy gels for making incredible gels that do not cause stomach issues. That was my biggest fear before trying gels. I want to thank Berry  College for hosting such an amazing event. Last but not least of course I’d like to thank my wife Miranda and our friend Josie for getting up so early Saturday morning and putting up with me all day. You guys are incredible.

So guys as always never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe.