I know it has been a long time but I’m back with some good stuff.

I know it has been a while since I have last posted but a lot has happened. So lets go back to June 10. My goal for that day was a long run of 14,15 miles. That did not happen, but I did get some work in. I ran a mile or so warm up then 8 easy miles. I had to quit because of GI issues. Once I got rid of those I decided to do some speed work. I ran 2 miles 400 hard walk 400. Completing that made me feel like my workout wasn’t a failed one. I completed that week with around 24 miles. The next week was also a good week mileage wise. I got 29, and here is how I got there. Tuesday I ran a fun 5.2 miles with some hill training. I allways try to put at least one workout a week after realizing I am not a strong hill runner at Helenback, and don’t worry guys I will be back. The next day I ran 4.2 miles in around 42 minutes. This was an easy run with a little elevation gain. I averaged 10:21 per mile and was feeling really good about my training. Later that day I decided to swim a mile using a kickboard. That would be 55 circuits around the perimeter of my pool. I have been trying to swim at least once a week and 1 mile at a time. It usually takes me about an hour and 15 minutes to complete this, I look to get better in the future. The next day I ran an easy 3.2 mile run in preparation for what I would hope to be on Saturday 15 miles. So on Saturday I went out to Dellinger to crack the 15 mile Barrier. I was not successfull. I was able to get 7.5 rough and hot miles in. Then I reasted and slowly jogged a mile cool down. It was just hot and my body was drained. So I promised myself I would do something I have never done. I was going to get up early on Sunday morning around 7.5 miles to make my weekend is 16 1/2 mile weekend. So the next morning I got up before no one in the house and got in 7.5 miles while it was still cool outside. Yen I did have some stomach issues, I don’t know why, but I was not going to let anything stand in my way of completing this run. So like I said earlier I completed 29 miles this week and I felt accomplished.

The next week was a fun one like most. Tuesday I ran 4 fun easy miles. This workout was kind of a recovery from Sunday and Saturday. The next day I ran 6.2 miles. This route had some pretty tough hills, plus it was hot. I completed the run in around 1:05:00. Later that day I swam a mile. It was similar then the week before, but it was still pretty good work. The next two workouts were 5.1 miles and 5.3. Both of these runs had at least two big hills. The 5.3 mile run felt good because I got out early and knocked it out. The 5.1 mile workout was cooler than usual because there was a bunch of rain coming in right after I finished my work out. I felt a few sprinkles right as I was finishing. I rested on Saturday from running, but I did have a blast hanging out with my wife’s cousins and her playing all sorts of fun games such as blind fold tag. That is a game where one person is blindfolded and the others who are playing have to be still and that individual who is blindfolded has to find them it is really fun especially when there are kids involved. So Sunday morning rolled around and I woke at 5:30 while it was still dark outside. So I waited until there was light and I began to try and knock out a 10 mile easy long run. This run gave me a lot of confidence. I only struggle between mile seven and eight with G.I. issues. The rest of the run was incredible and I felt amazing. I was so excited to finally have a long run that I did not half to DNF. So this week I ended up with around 31 miles, this is the most mileage I have had this year and I believe it is the most mileage I have had since last summer. I am really proud of that I feel like I am becoming a stronger runner and I will be ready for the longer distances soon.

So that brings us to today. Today is Tuesday, June 27. I ran around 6.2 miles today but that run was divided up a little bit. I had decided that today was the day that I was going to try and PR in the mile. Well at least PR for the last couple of years. So I jogged and easy half mile warm-up and then I took off for my mile PR attempt. At the half mile mark I was at 3:40 and I knew I was on pace for that personal record. The next half mile was only four seconds slower than the first half mile and I ended up running a 7:24 which is a PR by at least 26 seconds. I feel like with some speed training I will be able to knock that down a good bit. I would love to break six, but that’s not going to happen for a while. So how did I get from there to finishing this day of 6.2 miles you ask, well here is Hal. I walked about 400 m or a quarter-mile to regroup myself and then I took off add easy manageable pace for the next 4.7 miles. My legs were a little fatigued but they were able to complete the rest of today’s mileage. So the rest of the week looks like this, tomorrow I will probably run around five moderately easy miles. I’m more than likely will put in a few hill segments in this work out. Thursday will be a very very easy 4 mile run in preparation for Saturday’s long and I mean long run. A friend and I are going to attempt to get 17 miles on some pretty intense trails. I am excited for this challenge and excited to be on the trails. I know I have said this before but I definitely prefer trail running over Road running. I love being in the woods and exploring said woods. 

So I have made up my mind I have a goal. That goal is to run over the distance of a marathon this fall sometime. I’m not sure where but I just have that itch to accomplish that. What are your major goals for the summer and fall running season. Another one of my goals is to average at least 26 miles per week for the rest of the year. I think that is pretty manageable.

So was always guys never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe.

Highest mileage week of the year and longest run of my life within 10 days

Last week I ran my highest mileage per week of this year. I ran 26.5 miles. I did a run of 6 miles focusing on hill training. That was pretty rough but it felt good in. I ran another run of 5 miles and this one was rough. It was really humid and hot. The final midweek run was another of the 5 mile variety. This one was a lot easier though. I actually averaged under 10 minute miles. So I was feeling really good going in to the long run on Saturday. I ran with a good buddy of mine Steven, on the iron hill trail at red top. I love running there. It is beautiful and it is not to hilly. There is one big hill if you go counter clockwise. We had a blast on this run. We had a few great conversations. Surprisingly I only tripped and fell once. It was such an awesome morning to run we actually ran about a mile longer than we were planning. We ran almost 11 miles. So that brings me to this weeks training. I have had 2 6.2 mile runs this week. Both runs were easy miles for reasons I will discuss later. The first of these runs was on Tuesday. I ran this whole work out trying to beat the rain in the storms that were coming in. It sprinkled but never fully rained on me that day. That day weatherwise was awesome because it was cool because of the cloud cover. My other run was yesterday. This run was slower because of a couple of reasons. The first being that it was hot. I did not feel the heat until I was about 2 miles into the run, but I really felt it then. The other reason is because my stomach did not feel so well. Around mile three it’s started to really go South on me. I slowed down and kept it together though. It is a good thing I slow down because as I mentioned earlier these were easy miles in preparation for this weekend. This weekend will be my longest run ever. I plan to get between 14 and 15 miles Saturday morning. I hope to stay at around 11 minute mile pace I just hope I can get done before the heat sets in. 

So that is what my last 10 days has and will look like, what are your plans for this weekend. Do you have any goals that you were shooting for? Whatever they are give it your all. As always never missed the chance to get outside explore and have fun but be safe.

The healing sole sandal review

 I have been wearing the healing sole sandle for about 3 weeks. At first I wasn’t sure about this product bc the strap that went between my toes was uncomfortable for the first week. Then after that week the healing sole sandal was broken in and started to feel really good. I have notice a definite change in my foot muscle wise. Now I wear these sandals everywhere ago and my feet feel amazing. Why these work you ask? Here is why. The big toe is raised above the other toes on an about a half inch platform. This keeps the plantar facia straight therefore putting less strain on that Area of the foot. This also helps keep the strain off of your Achilles tendon in return that keeps the strain off of your calf muscle, which prevents shinsplints. In the past I have had issues with shinsplints so I am really excited to be wearing these sandals to stay injury free. I would definitely recommend these sandals to anyone who has or who has had plantar facia issues.

Aftershockz review

Aftershockz bluetooth headphones are amazing. Today I am reviewing the tracks titanium headphones from Aftershockz. I cannot say enough amazing things about these heads phones. The sound quality is amazing. It felt like the headphones were actually in my ears, but they were not. That feature is a major plus for me. Running while blind and having headphones in my ears has always been nerve-racking for me. With other headphones I could not hear everything that was around me, cars, people, animals. With these though I can hear everything that’s around me and still enjoy my music at whatever volume I like. Another plus to these headphones is that there are no wires. I cannot tell you how many times I have been running and tripped and jerked my headphones out of my ears because my hand got caught up in the wires. Well with the tracks titanium headphones from aftershockz this will not happen again. Running with this headset felt amazing today and I look forward to many more runs with my aftershockz.I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an incredible set of Bluetooth headphones. As I mentioned before the best part about these is you can still know what’s going on around you and still listen to your music or what ever audio you were listening to.

What an amazing week of training

This past week has been pretty good training wise. Last week i got a total of 3 runs totaling 24 miles.. On tuesday I ran around 5.4 miles and felt pretty great. It helped that it was cloudy and overcast, plus the last mile was in the rain. I kind of like running in the rain but I try to avoid running during a thunderstorm. I am severely afraid of lightning. During this run I average 10:03 per mile. Like I said earlier that felt really good. I took Wednesday off, and ran 5.4 miles again on Thursday. This run was actually faster, I averaged 9:59 per mile for this work out. Granted though this run did not have as many hills as I usually have in my workouts. This work out I kind of went exploring a place that I had not really ventured to before. It turned out to be a really fun routes. I ran from my house, to Clover leaf elementary and back. On this run similar to the run on Tuesday I felt really great. I remember saying I hadn’t felt this great in a long time so because of this I was really excited for my 13 mile training run on Saturday. I figured if I could average 9:59 per mile for 5 miles I should be able to average 11 minute miles for 13 right? Well that wasn’t the case on Saturday. I actually averaged 10:29 per mile. I had a few very slow miles but most of them were around 10:20,10:25. I stayed true to my fueling plan during this run and I believe that is why I felt so great during this work out. I fueled with tail wind nutrition and spring energy nutrition jails. I took a jail at 5K and 15k. I took in a good bit of tail wind at 10 K and 18 K. This strategy really works for the distance of a half marathon I might have to adjust it the higher I go in mileage. So all day Saturday and Sunday I was on cloud nine kind of happy with the previous week of training. That brings us to today’s workout and the start of another week of training. I decided today that I was going to attack the hills and try to get as much elevation gain out of a 6 mile run as possible. Well I did that very successfully. I ran 6.1 miles and gained 186 m in elevation gain. This marks the first month that I can remember that I have gained over 1000 m in a single month. So that makes me really happy with myself. As of right now I have 1150 meters of elevation gain and there is still one day left in the month. So of course with all those hills in my workout today my run was a little slower. I still averaged 10:20 per mile which I think is decently good for the amount of hills on the route today. I plan on trying to get 19 more miles this week which would bring me to a total of 25 miles this week which I haven’t done since late February. I really want to start to bump of them weekly mileage intern making me a stronger distance runner and soon and ultra runner.Something else really cool happened this week. I received a pair of aftershocks headphones. I received the tracks titanium IV green Bluetooth headset. If you want to see the review of these check out my review. Just a sneak peek, they are incredible and I love them.

So whatever your goals are this week, or in the future never stop striving to attain them. I just always never missed a chance to get outside explore and have fun and be safe.

Interesting week of training

This week has been an interesting one. Last Saturday I ran 11.8 miles on the trails at redtop. My time was slow, 2:30:00 but I had a lot of fun with John and Scott. They are really cool people and I cannot wait to run with them again. There were some parts that were really technical and I had to walk through and they were also some pretty tough climbs but I felt really accomplished after finishing this run. I would definitely run this course and these trails again. Another great thing about this run is I only completely fail once which is impressive in my book. I took Sunday and Monday off then ran Tuesday. I ran 5 miles back out in beautiful Taylorsville Georgia. I really do miss running out there. It’s like I can run anywhere I want to go pretty much without worrying about running into major car traffic. The route I took on Monday was a decently easy 5 mile loop. The back half has most of the elevation gain. Why I like this course, because the harder hills are at the back half when you were already tired. I ran pretty good on this course though I averaged about 10:14 per mile. I took Wednesday off from running but I did do some leg exercises. I did four sets of each of these, 25 lunges each leg, 50 calf raises each leg, 35 seconds wall sits. My legs felt pretty strong after that workout. Thursday I did 5.5 miles on a loop to course around my wife’s parents home. Each lap is 2.75 miles long so of course I did two loops. This is a beautiful course with rolling hills in the end there’s not much elevation gain but you do get some hills. Again it is out in beautiful Taylorsville Georgia which I love running in. I took Friday off in preparation for what was supposed to be my long run on Saturday morning. I had planned on going for a lawn easy 12 mile run at 11 minute mile pace. Well apparently that was not in the cards for me. I felt pretty good until around mile five, that is when my stomach decided it did not like me. I had to quickly find the nearest bathroom and fix my issues. Unfortunately that was a mile later at 6.4 miles. So after fixing those said issues, I still felt pretty good leg wise. So I decided to head to the track. No guys I have not done speed work in a very long time on the track, and contrary to most people’s belief I really miss it. So I decided to do a decently easy work out. I did four sets of this, for hundred meters fast, 400 m walk. This equaled 2 miles. My fast 400 splits were 2:09, 1:55, 1:48, 1:38. I’m really proud of these because they were after a 6 mile run for one thing, and for another like I said earlier I have not done speed work in a very long time so I feel like I still have some amount of speed in my legs I just need to keep working on it. It made me feel good to do well on these 400s. So guys although I did not hit my mileage goal for this week I still feel accomplished running why is this week. I hope to get 25 miles next week with a long run of 12 or 13 miles.So what are your goals that you were working toward right now. I’m just trying to get stronger and improve my endurance. I’m also trying to experience more trail running. So guys whatever your goals are make sure that you’re getting outside you’re having fun you’re exploring but most of all you’re being safe.

First run in 9 days and first run in my new Altra provisions

Today was my first run in over a week. I wanted to give my legs a lettle extra time to recover from the Helenback half. Even though I was trying to take it easy I still attacked the hills around here. I felt pretty good for not running in 9 days. I averaged 10:01 per mile and I was not going all out. I do need to xtrain more especially strength training. My hamstrings and quads need to be stronger if I’m going to run more hills. Today was another first. Today was my first run in a zero drop shoe. I ran in the Altra provisions. They felt pretty awesome. I want to take them on a few more runs before I give them the proper review. As of now though I am really impressed with them. They were really comfortable and I had no pain in the shins or feet.So guys whatever you are going through in your life always make the chance happen to get outside explore and have fun and be safe.

Aren’t these shoes pretty.